Being accused of a crime (“felony”) or a disorderly persons offense (“misdemeanor”), whether in a New Jersey Superior Court or in a local Municipal Court is a very serious matter. If you are convicted of a crime or even a disorderly persons offense it can result in permanent and potentially devastating consequences — personally and professionally — therefore, it is imperative that you choose an attorney with the skill, experience and knowledge to protect your rights and aggressively defend you from beginning to end.

The importance of choosing the right attorney cannot be understated. First and foremost, you must choose a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense in the State of New Jersey. Steven E. Nelson and Matthew Jordan have almost forty years of experience specializing in defending the accused in New Jersey courts for offenses ranging from the most serious, such as murder, kidnapping, drug kingpin, drug distribution, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, gun-related offenses and robbery, to less serious matters, such as possession of marijuana, most juvenile delinquency matters, drunk driving and other motor vehicle/Municipal Court cases.

Our criminal attorneys, Steven Nelson and Matthew Jordan, recognize and understand the stress and anxiety experienced by those who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system as an accused. They also understand the effect that the process and potential consequences can have on the client’s family. That is why they take the time to make the effort to establish a relationship with their client that is unique in the profession and often continues long after the case is resolved. Mr. Nelson’s and Mr. Jordan’s clients know their lawyer. It is that personal attention, compassion and client dedication that ranks them a cut above the rest.

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Drunken Driving is defined as the crime of driving a vehicle with an excessive amount of alcohol in the blood or driving under the influence of narcotics or hallucinogens.

Domestic Violence is defined as violent or aggressive behavior within the home, or involving violence perpetrated against a spouse or partner, family member or two persons in a dating relationship.

Juvenile Offenses are those involving minors under the age of 18 years

Weapons Charges refers to a class of crime regarding the unlawful possession of a weapon by a citizen.

Homicide is the causing of a death of one person by another.

Bail Reductions State law affords defendants the right to request lower bail when they deem amount initially set by the court is unreasonable. The defendant requests a hearing to seek a bail reduction.

Traffic Offenses are those in which citations have been issued for a violation of traffic laws.

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