2021 saw a rise in traffic catastrophes

by | May 27, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

2021 did not bring positive news for those hoping for safe travels. Statistics reveal road accident incidents were relatively high, and little indicates that 2022 might be a better and safer year. New Jersey likely faced additional traffic safety risks since the shoreline attracts tourists and the northern region has many commuters traveling back and forth to Manhattan. Even when traffic conditions are normal, drivers could face many dangers.

Traffic accident stats from 2021

The sheer number of deaths on United States roads reached upwards of 43,000. Revised figures could reveal even higher numbers. The official statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show a 10.5% increase in deaths from 2020.

While 2020 was a year that presented scores of challenges to drivers, little explains why 2021 experienced the most significant increase since the NHTSA started recording figures in 1975. Perhaps poor driving behaviors developed in 2020 now persist into 2021, although the landscape has changed and roads are busier.

Reckless behavior and consequences

Poor safe driving practices could have tragic consequences, such as injuries worsening due to not wearing a seat belt. Drivers who choose to speed or otherwise travel recklessly create further hazards and increase the chances of motor vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately, those who get away with bad behavior may continue the practice. More specifically, the drivers might repeat their actions until they face a penalty. A speeding driver who kills someone could look at many years in jail and financial destruction from a wrongful death lawsuit.

Compelling evidence, including witness testimony and dashcam footage, could establish negligence can a personal injury lawsuit. Such evidence might move a defendant to settle, and the settlement may cover the victim’s losses.