Amazon warehouses can be dangerous places

by | May 16, 2022 | General Personal Injury

Working in a warehouse could provide steady employment for those able to handle the lifting, carrying, and other duties associated with the job. The wide array of different tasks required inside a warehouse opens opportunities for many people, but dangers are present. In fact, the chaotic nature of a warehouse could contribute to potential injuries. Those working for Amazon in New Jersey may appreciate their employment, but they are likely worried about potential harm. As the news reports, Amazon warehouses are known for more injuries than similar workplaces.

The dangers of working at an Amazon warehouse

A 2021 study revealed surprising facts about injuries and accidents at Amazon warehouses. The Strategic Organizing Center released a report that notes the average number of severe injuries at the average warehouse is 3.3 per 100 workers. At Amazon warehouses, the figure is almost double,, as 6.8 per 100 workers experience serious injuries.

Comparisons between 2021 and 2020 cast a dark cloud over Amazon. 2020 saw 27,100 serious injuries, which increased to 38,300 in 2021. These injuries led to workers missing days on the job or requiring transfers to light-duty work. The numbers don’t include less serious injuries whose numbers appear unknown.

Amazon, injuries, and compensation

Questions likely arise about why workers suffer injuries at Amazon warehouses. Surely, there are similar accidents and mishaps at Amazon facilities as other similar worksites. A lot of activity occurs in a warehouse, and many workers are close to one another. They might be too close to forklifts and other equipment or moving vehicles. Getting hit by a forklift could cause a terrible injury, and bumping into a co-worker might result in a slip and fall accident and resulting problems.

People could trip over things left on the floor or get hit by a falling object that lands on them. They may also explore their options for workers’ compensation after suffering burns, lacerations, or other injuries caused by pipes, tools, and more.

Negligence is usually not an issue when seeking workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, there could be incidents that make it possible to file a lawsuit, such as when a third party causes harm.