Accused Of DUI Or DWI? Protect Your Driving Privileges And Your Future

An arrest on allegations of drunk driving is a practical and legal disaster for most people. In practical terms, you may be greatly inconvenienced if your driver’s license is confiscated and suspended. For many people, this brings livelihoods to a halt. Your need for legal counsel is critical.

In most cases, you have a 10-day limit to request a hearing to petition for recovery of your driving privileges. Turn to the Law Offices Of Nelson, Fromer, Crocco & Jordan. Our established criminal defense law firm has a strong track record. Our defense attorneys will fight to protect your rights and your future.

If you were charged with vehicular assault or vehicular homicide as a result of your DUI or DWI, you face a possible jail sentence. Get serious criminal defense to protect your future. 

Defending Your Clean Record After A DUI Or DWI Arrest

Even more damaging than a driver’s license suspension is a criminal record. A misdemeanor or felony conviction may keep you from accomplishing many life goals. Fight to protect your future. Call the 732-774-6443 or send an email inquiry through this website.