Defending against fraud and embezzlement charges

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Fraud and embezzlement are often known as white-collar crimes. Fraudulent activity in New Jersey typically consists of stealing a person’s identification or resources for personal gain. Of course, there are times when someone is falsely accused of fraud. Successfully fighting those charges and salvaging their reputation will require a strong defense.

Understanding the problem

In fraud and embezzlement cases, it’s very important for prosecutors to build a strong paper trail. They need to establish facts like how much money was taken, how it was misappropriated and who did it. Sometimes, these cases seem very clear-cut, but there can be several mitigating factors that aid a defense attorney’s strategy.

Possible defenses

For one thing, it’s possible for one person at a company to use another worker’s identity when accessing funds or files. It’s very important to establish what security measures are in place in these cases and who has access to things like passwords. Workers, especially those who handle money, should never share their login details. If a worker with a lower security clearance is offered the passcode belonging to another worker, they should be suspicious. It’s possible they’re being set up. Investigating the facts about access is just a first step in defending a client in a criminal defense case.

Finding an attorney is important in defending against charges of fraud or embezzlement to get the charges either reduced or dismissed completely. A lawyer with experience in interpreting financials may be able to lead an investigation into a case to prove their client’s innocence. The lawyer may be able to explain their theory of what actually happened to the jury in clearer and more concise terms.