Head-on truck accidents are the most deadly

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are always dangerous and put New Jersey residents at risk of catastrophic injuries and even death. One particular type of collision involving trucks is considered the most deadly: head-on collisions.

How dangerous are head-on truck collisions?

Commercial trucks are massive in size and weight. They customarily carry cargo from place to place and are imposing while sharing the roads with regular cars. Unfortunately, due to their size, hefty cargo and longer time to brake, huge trucks pose serious dangers. If they get into accidents and hit other vehicles head-on, it can result in fatalities. Victims who survive such devastating accidents can be left with catastrophic, disabling injuries.

Why do these truck accidents occur?

Head-on truck crashes can occur for a number of reasons. A huge truck’s size and weight make it challenging for it to safely maneuver in certain situations. For example, if the truck driver is making a turn on a steep curve, it can cause the truck to veer off into the wrong lane and straight into another vehicle.

Another common cause of head-on truck collisions is driver distraction. If the trucker is busy doing something else while driving, whether they’re using their cell phone, fiddling with the GPS, or eating, it can lead to a serious accident. The driver’s attention is off the road even for a few seconds can have deadly consequences.

Speeding is disastrous with a huge commercial truck. The driver can easily lose control and get into a head-on accident with another vehicle. Impaired driving is another common cause of such crashes.

Improper maintenance of the truck is another common cause of head-on truck collisions. All commercial trucks are required to meet federal standards and regulations to ensure their safety. If a truck isn’t properly maintained, serious accidents can happen and people can suffer devastating injuries or even death.

Injuries from truck accidents can be serious. If you’ve suffered an injury, fight back and hold the at-fault party responsible.