Human error is the most common cause of auto accidents

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents

Auto accidents in New Jersey frequently result from human error. Whether driving while tired or distracted or simply making bad, emotion-based decisions, motorists are largely responsible for collisions. Although issues such as mechanical failure and weather conditions certainly play a role in many of these events, most accidents are highly preventable occurrences that ultimately boil down to driver negligence.

Driving while tired can be just as hazardous as driving under the influence

One of the most surprising facts about unsafe driving is that driving while tired can be just as dangerous as operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. Sleep-deprived drivers can suffer from the same level of cognitive, motor and visual impairments that intoxicated drivers experience. Even nodding off behind the wheel for a few short seconds can result in devastating car accidents.

Distracted driving can mean many different things

Although most motorists have been well-warned about the dangers of driving while texting or using their mobile phones in other ways, distracted driving can actually mean many different things. Whether applying makeup, consuming food, fidgeting with in-vehicle pets, or simply rubbernecking (looking into other vehicles or staring at accident scenes while passing), it’s impossible for drivers to multitask in any way and still pay full attention to the road.

Two-thirds of all vehicles on the roadways exceed the posted speed limit

According to a 2015 traffic survey, approximately two-thirds of drivers on all roadways exceed the speed limit. Speeding increases both stopping distances and stopping times. It gives drivers far less of an opportunity to prevent collisions by making evasive driving maneuvers. Fast-moving vehicles are also capable of causing far greater injuries and more property damage than vehicles that are moving at the posted speed limit.

Given that most accidents are the direct result of driver negligence, accident victims nearly always have a sure form of recourse. When injured as the result of distracted driving, speeding or driver fatigue, seeking legal assistance is always the best course of action.