Injuries to the brain in a car accident

by | May 13, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

If you’re in a car accident in New Jersey, it’s possible to hit your head or move around in a way that results in brain damage. Even if you don’t experience any symptoms right away, there could still be an issue present that needs medical attention.


An evident symptom is a pain that’s associated with an open wound on your head. You’ll likely experience significant bleeding as well. You might experience nausea and vomiting or a headache that ranges in severity from mild to an intense throbbing. Loss of balance and dizziness are common symptoms of a brain injury after car accidents as well. You might forget things either short or long-term. It could also be difficult to concentrate on things or to sleep at night.


When you’re in a car accident, an open head injury can occur if your head hits something hard in the vehicle, such as the dashboard, glass, or someone else in the car. This is an injury that needs to be addressed as soon as possible as it could result in swelling of the brain or an infection. In many motor vehicle collisions, you might not know that you have a brain injury because the force that’s involved doesn’t result in an open wound. Instead, it causes the brain to shift around in the skull. Whiplash is a common way for this to happen.


A mild brain injury can usually be treated with rest and pain relievers. Those that are a bit more severe will usually need to be monitored in the event that significant symptoms develop. Surgery could be required to remove clotted blood, if there’s bleeding in the brain, or if there’s a skull fracture. Rehabilitation could be needed as well.

A common injury that results from a car accident is one to the brain. It’s important to know what to look for so that you can get the proper help that you need as soon as possible.