Law signed to give injured parties notice of their policy limits

by | Mar 10, 2022 | General Personal Injury

Governor Murphy signed New Jersey S1558 into law on July 22, 2021. The new law requires automobile insurers to disclose policy limits if an attorney asks. The New Jersey Senate and General Assembly enacted the law.

Policy limits from insurers

Personal injury law gives limits to how automobile insurers respond. Attorneys can ask for policy limits of personal passenger vehicles from the insurers. The automobile insurer must give a written disclosure for policy limits within 30 days of the request. The information should include all limits of all private passenger automobile insurance policies. Insurers can include applicable umbrella liability insurance policies.

Requirements of policy limits

A request for disclosure of policy limits should be in writing and include requirements. Attorneys should clarify that they represent a customer of the insurer injured with a private passenger automobile insurance policy. The attorney should include the name and last address of the person with the date of the automobile accident. An insurer needs a copy of the accident report and the claimant’s statement if available. As much information as possible about the claimant should be in the request.

Permissions of the request

The disclosure of the policy limits can’t constitute an admission that the alleged damage or injury is subject to the insurer’s policy. The information about the insurance policy can’t be admissible as evidence during a trial. Only the injured person or their attorney can disclose confidential information. Personnel of the attorney may disclose information with permission.

The Department of Banking and Insurance is publishing the email addresses of all insurers on their website. Every insurer of private passenger automobile policies in the state should provide their emails. The emails allow attorneys to request policy limits easier. The law takes effect 60 days after the enactment.