Truck Accident Survivors And Families: We Are Here For You

Truck accidents often result in serious and catastrophic injuries, including fatal injuries, for reasons that include the following:

  • A semi truck (18 wheeler), delivery truck or utility truck is typically much heavier than ordinary cars. A traffic accident involving a truck and a car (or a pedestrian, bicycle or motorcycle) invariably causes greater damage to the smaller vehicle (or individual).
  • Truckers often face pressure to drive longer distances, at faster speeds, to deliver their loads on time.
  • Trucks are often present in areas where traffic is congested or moves at high speeds.

Whether truck driver fatigue or other circumstances led to the truck accident that injured you or a loved one, contact the Law Offices Of Nelson, Fromer, Crocco & Jordan to learn how we can fight for your recovery. We are personal injury lawyers who bring both knowledge and compassion to our attorney-client relationships. Our experience explains our strong track record.

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