October is a time for drivers to pay attention

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Motor vehicle accidents

Although it usually falls in April, the nation is commemorating Distracted Driving Awareness Month in October this year.

Despite years of public service warnings and enforcement measures, distracted driving continues to be a problem on the roads of New Jersey and across the country.

Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that, in 2018, close to 2,850 people died in car accidents attributed to distracted driving of some sort.

Texting and driving is still a common distraction on the road

Cell phone use, whether for texting and driving or otherwise, continues to be a common distraction on the roads.

While over 95% of motorists surveyed agreed that texting and driving is dangerous, almost 40% of the same motorists admitted to doing it.

People may not realize just how dangerous texting and driving is. Some have compared a motorist who tries to mix texting and driving with a drunken or drugged driver. Both types of drivers too often cause severe and fatal accidents.

But drivers have to do more than put their phones down to stay safe

Certainly, one safety measure New Jersey motorists can take is simply turn off, deactivate or store the phone in a place where it will not be a distraction. However, this is not all drivers need to do to avoid distracted driving.

Just about anything, even the most ordinary circumstances and activities, can be the source of a distraction on the road.

For example, in-car technology, including the navigation system, is a common distraction. Even trying to eat lunch, apply makeup or drink a sip of coffee can lead to an accident.

Noisy children in the backseat or even an engaging conversation with one’s front-seat passenger can be just enough to lead to a critical driving mistake.

There are many steps that cautious drivers should take to avoid driving while distracted. If they do not take these steps and cause an accident, their victims may be able to obtain compensation.