Compensation For Injuries Caused By Fires

Fires may result in injuries to people in and near buildings or vehicles that burn. Typical fire-related injuries include:

  • Burns to skin and lungs
  • Smoke inhalation injuries
  • Injuries from a fall when someone is fleeing from a fire

Burn injuries caused by toxic chemical spills may have similar consequences for people who are hurt as bystanders or who suffer occupational diseases in connection with fires.

After a fire-related injury, you may need:

  • Lengthy hospitalization and home recovery
  • Skin grafts
  • Aggressive pain management
  • Respiratory therapy

Whatever type of fire-related or toxic chemical–related injury you have suffered, we want to help you pursue maximum compensation. Our team of lawyers at the Law Offices Of Nelson, Fromer, Crocco & Jordan includes a former firefighter and other knowledgeable litigators. We are available to help you recover both physically and financially.

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