Rise in video meetings could impact road safety and car accidents

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents

With the ongoing circumstances, there have been radical changes to the road landscape, but many of the potential dangers remain. New Jersey drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians should be attentive about safety when out and about. That includes distracted driving, drivers who are under the influence, drowsy drivers, reckless drivers and other possible accident causes. One concern that is directly related to fundamental changes related to the situation is the increase in online meetings. For people who have been injured or lost a loved one in a crash, this should be considered when thinking about the available options.

Safe driving may be negatively impacted by Zoom meetings

Because people have been encouraged to stay distanced from each other, online meetings via Zoom and other methods have become commonplace. While this can avoid people becoming ill due to in-person interaction with colleagues, a survey shows that people could be distracted behind the wheel because of it. Root Insurance conducted a survey of more than 1,800 adult drivers in the U.S. It found that 54% of participants stated they had concentration problems after chatting via video. A lack of concentration could force drivers to miss warning signs or have slowed reactions, sparking an accident.

Researchers also made use of an app that measures how drivers operate the vehicle itself. This gave information as to how frequently drivers were using their cellphone behind the wheel. On average, people checked their device every 5.5 miles traveled in 2020. Almost two-thirds of drivers surveyed admitted to checking their phone while they drove. Online meetings added a new layer to the known dangers of driving in the current environment. There has been a worrisome uptick in speeding and other violations because of emptier roadways and less enforcement.

Having experienced guidance can help after an auto accident

Regardless of the cause, car accidents can change a person’s life in significant ways. Hospitalizations can lead to massive medical expenses; people may no longer have the same capabilities for work as they did before; there might be the need for long-term care; and personal relationships can be drastically different. For families who lose a loved one, these challenges are exponentially worse. The case should be assessed from the start to decide how to move forward and determine if a legal claim is wise. For assistance, experienced professionals can provide guidance and help to make an informed choice.