Who is responsible for a bike accident?

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Motor vehicle accidents

There are many factors that might come into play when determining who is responsible for a collision between a bike and a car in New Jersey. For example, a motorist who makes a lane change without signaling would likely be at fault for a crash if he or she strikes a bicyclist while doing so. However, if a bicyclist fails to follow the rules of the road, that person would likely be liable for causing an accident.

Bicycles are generally held to the same standards at motorists

Bicycles must follow all applicable traffic laws while riding on public roadways. In some cases, they must also adhere to additional rules such as wearing a helmet or using a reflector at night. Therefore, if you make an improper lane change, run a red light or fail to yield, you could be held liable for a crash and responsible for any ensuing financial damages and personal injuries that resulted.

Two investigations may occur after a collision

At a minimum, the police who respond to the vehicle crash scene will conduct an investigation into what happened. After the investigation is complete, they will document their findings and send a copy of the crash report to you or your insurance company. Often, the insurance companies involved will assume that the contents of the police report are an accurate representation of how the accident occurred.

However, insurers may decide to perform their own investigations if it is still unclear how the incident happened. Your attorney will likely receive a copy of the police report and will also likely receive any documents related to the insurance company’s investigation.