What You Should Know After Suffering An On-The-Job Injury In New Jersey

Did you suffer a back, neck or shoulder injury at work in New Jersey? Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or a respiratory ailment related to conditions at your workplace?

Medical Care, Wage Replacement And Other Benefits

Whatever your workplace injury, you are likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, including medical treatment. Besides providing for medical care and therapy after a workplace injury, New Jersey workers’ compensation laws mandate a wage replacement benefit, known as temporary compensation. The law dictates that an employee who is out of work due to a work-related injury or condition may be entitled to receive “temp benefits.” These benefits apply when a treating doctor takes the employee out of work for more than seven days following the injury.

Third-Party Injury Claims

Ordinarily, an injured worker filing for New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits forfeits the right to sue the employer for negligence. However, any third-party found to contribute to the accident or injury due to negligence may be held liable for damages. We help injured workers recover maximum compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of third-parties on the job site. Third-party claims can be filed against any party.

We represent workers injured in any type of accident on the job, including:

If the treating doctor indicates an injured employee is capable of performing “light-duty work,” the employer must provide the employee with this modified work or continue paying the temporary compensation benefits.

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