When Occupational Disease Is A Result Of Negligence By Employers Or Third Parties

Some occupational hazards are inherent in the nature of certain kinds of work. Some examples are carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects some workers who do word processing and factory work; back injuries, which affect many nurses and other health care workers who often lift patients; and parkinsonism, which often affects welders. These are known hazards. Training and equipment can help protect workers.

Typically, workers who suffer from occupational diseases can proceed with workers’ compensation claims to get medical treatment and relief from lost income. In egregious cases, workers may be able to bring direct legal action against negligent employers or third parties, as well.

Did you develop cancer after being exposed to toxic chemicals like asbestos on the job? Did you develop COVID-19 or another respiratory illness when your employer or a negligent third party failed to protect you properly? At the Law Offices Of Nelson, Fromer, Crocco & Jordan, our lawyers pay close attention to potential liability issues that may bring you additional relief beyond workers’ compensation.

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